Harmonising Data

We are all operating in a very different world from the world we knew a few weeks ago.  We are having to solve different problems, with different datasets, in less time and without the normal resources to do it.

Increasing need for DIY

Some of us use data as an everyday part of our jobs. Those of us that do, understand the pain of wrangling data from different sources, where column headings, content and formats all differ? It can be difficult to find a common basis to use and time consuming to reorganise the data. Business Intelligence and ETL tools can help but we are not all BI and ETL experts. Whilst some of us have access to people that can do these sorts of tasks, we might have to wait for their time. Many of us, working from home because of the virus, might have lost access to people with these skills and are faced with doing it themselves, or not doing it at all.

Looking at the problem differently

Increasingly location geography can be used a common basis for data. If you can present your data on a map, it allows you to compare datasets, even if the other underlying structure of the data is different.

Mapcite’s toolset provides this functionality and makes it easy to use without the need to be a location specialist. This allows you to answer the questions that have been bothering you, without needing to ask specialists.