Mapcite Web

Mapcite Web is an app developed to easily visualise, interact and analyse location data, removing the traditional cost and expertise barriers that inhibit access to the power of location data.

Visualise location data as points, images, heatmaps and shapes

Analyse location data, create location-based queries and new data

Export newly created data, print map visualisations and much more…


$0.00 / Monthly

  • Shared Cloud
  • Data 0 - 1,000 rows
  • Email support
  • Free gives you free, limited access to the application


$99 / Monthly

  • Shared Cloud
  • 1,000 up to 10,000 data rows
  • 1 Users
  • Email support
  • Cloud subscription access to powerful map visualisation and analytics

Company/Organisation wide

POA / Monthly

  • On Prem or Dedicated Cloud
  • Unlimited data rows
  • Phone and email support
  • Deploy Mapcite across your organisation


Head of Public Health Intelligence, NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent

“Mapcite offers the ability to bring together a number of data sets in one visual format to enable debate and discussion for commissioning decisions and further analysis.”


IT Manager, Innovate Healthcare

“We use Mapcite as it is a fantastic tool which allows us to log all our supplier locations for the various treatments we offer which in turn allows us to turn over a high volume of referrals, without this it would slow down our referral output massively and as a department, we rely on Mapcite a lot.

We use Mapcite so that we don’t have to do multiple internet searches for the closest provider as it provides this at the touch of a button and allows us to keep a catalogue of all our providers on and off-network, new and old.

This is used on a day to day basis by the whole of ITS (Innovate Treatment Services).”

Go Mobile

Connect your location data to Mapcite's mobile app. Discover and capture new data in real-time.