Data Renovation

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Every piece of information has the potential to become Location Data, all we have to do is add a relationship to a real-world location, easy right? Well, sometimes… but generally there are lots of obstacles to overcome. We have created a set of tools and processes to optimise this transformation from information with poor or no location relationship to application ready, usable location data. We can help you understand and realise the potential of your data.

Example solution - Merchant Locations

The Challenge

Location Intelligence is growing in interest, with the introduction of location-based functionality into business as usual systems. Many parts of the organisation wish to leverage their data assets to deliver new functionality to clients. However, whilst there is significant location information embedded in data assets held by banks, it is not always ready to use. This might be through lack of standardisation, incompleteness or because of poor location accuracy.

The Solution

Mapcite provides a range of data renovation services, tailored to client specific requirements. These can include:

  • Improving address quality by matching customer addresses to Ordnance Survey data. This enables the standardisation of address formats and provides accurate geo-location of each address.
  • Improving data quality of card transactions through cleansing, standardisation and provision of accurate geo-location.

The Benefit

  • Data can now be used in a variety of use cases, from analytics to fraud detection.
  • Enabling the enrichment of client-facing services and the opportunity to build new analytical services.