Excel Maps Add-in & Location Data Enrichment API

We help organisations and individuals access and use Location Data to find the answers they need Through Location Intelligence

We believe that everyone, every enterprise and organisation can benefit from better access and use of Location Data. Whether you are just exploring the possibilities of Location Data or have a solution level challenge.

Location Data

Finding and creating usable location data remains one of the main challenges. Data may reside within your business, online or waiting to be captured. We are experts in getting this data application ready.

Location Data Applications

We have developed applications that help you easily visualise and analyse location data. From the comfort of your Office document to enterprise-wide solutions, we have the apps you need.

Location Intelligence Solutions

Have a bigger location data challenge? We help many organisations explore and find answers in their location data. From data transformation to Location Data apps and services. If it’s location, Mapcite can help you find the answer. 

Explore the World

Create stunning visuals from your Location Data. Gain new insights. Connect your data to the real world and capture new data! 

Excel®™ Maps

An easy way to create maps from the comfort of your office document




Distance matrix

Shows the distance between pairs of locations.


Spatial Functions 

Calculating the distance between two points. Counting the number of locations within a radius and more...

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