Excel®™ Addin Publish to Web

Complex data visualisations are now even easier to share

The new Publish to Web feature allows you to create your detailed map using the Mapcite Excel Addin within Excel, and then publish it online. Hitting the Publish button in the Excel Addin will generate a unique URL that you can share directly with whomever you’d like. The digitally published map will maintain all functionality, including layered data, the option to view as a heat map or push pins, and the ability to draw shapes and manipulate data that allow viewers to extract specific information to gain meaningful insights. Check out the examples below.

Global Coronavirus Cases Visualised

See the hotspots globally of the cases of COVID-19 below, as at June 12th 2020, or explore the full map here: Global COVID-19 Cases

(Source: GitHub Inc. Daily Report)

Incidents of reported deaths in police custody between 2013 and 2019

Zoom in on to uncover further information on reported incidents of death in police custody, and visit the published map here: Reported Deaths between 2013 – 2019

(Source: The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program 2018)

Violent Crime in the USA

In 2018, the USA reported a high number of violent crime. The map below explores the details further, mapping hotspots and details of the incidents, or you can zoom in using the published map here: Violent Crime in the USA

(Source: The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program 2018)

Building and publishing a web map direct from Excel


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