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What is Location Intelligence?

Location intelligence is the extra insight gained from knowing exactly where something happened in addition to what and when. COVID-19 is the best recent example whereby the knowledge that someone was infected is greatly enhanced by knowing where they were infected. That “where” component sheds light on why and how, whilst enabling a path to …

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Excel Maps Add In Capability

The outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of location, something which many businesses were already aware of but not quite addressing. The value of “where” is of utmost importance in understanding buyer behaviour, especially in the context of device mobility. Whilst many companies might exploit the core capability of an Excel add in for …

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Excel Map to visualise GOV.UK school data

Hi all, frustrated with not being able to easily understand the geography of secondary school provision in my local area. I decided to use Mapcite’s Excel Map Add-in to create a sharable interactive map. Here’s how it panned out: Data source: https://www.compare-school-performanc… Interactive maps: Secondary – https://publicmap.mapcite.com/2395677… Primary – https://publicmap.mapcite.com/2395677… Get the add-in here: https://mapcite.com/excel-addin/