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Mastering the Cookie-less Digital Landscape: Location, Demographics, and Beyond

In today's digital age, user privacy is shifting the marketing paradigm. As reliance on third-party cookies dwindles, businesses are required to innovate and recalibrate their strategies. In this post, we’ll take a look into some promising avenues of digital marketing in a post-cookie world.

Privacy vs Personalization: The Modern Trade-Off in the Age of Data

One balmy morning, as I sat down with my freshly brewed cup of Earl Grey, I received a notification from my favourite online bookstore. They had recommended a new mystery novel, precisely the genre I adore. It was uncanny yet delightful. But it also got me pondering - at what cost comes this eerily accurate personalization?

Finding the Doppelgängers in Data: The Magic of Deep Demographic Analysis

On a balmy evening, as I took my usual walk around the block, I noticed a neighbour’s housewarming party. The music, laughter, and chattering hinted at a diverse group of guests. But, on closer observation, I realized many of them had something in common. Be it a similar age group, similar fashion choices or even the cars they drove. And this got me thinking: in our vast and varied society, how often do we stumble upon people who, underneath the surface, share a plethora of common traits?