Centre of Excellence for Geospatial in Australia

Mapcite is proud to be associated with and congratulate Spartan First Pty Ltd for their recently announced formation of the Centre of Excellence for Geospatial in Australia (“CEGA Analytics”).

This initiative will enable better use of location intelligence, putting geospatial expertise and capability in the hands of business users across a range of government agencies and commercial organisations. As a certified Indigenous service provider, Spartan is leading the charge with this initiative, to create highly skilled technology career paths for indigenous Australians.

One significant aspect of the centre will be their use of the Mapcite Data Hub to expose a wide range of data sets at the point of need, under licence, according to their specific use cases. As an example, data sets are being finalised for bushfire risk assessment, down to household level, covering various states and cities. Work will also be undertaken on assembling and visualising a raft of data relating to Indigenous challenges and priorities to support the Australian government’s “closing the gap” initiative. #closingthegap

The relationship with Spartan is a key part of Mapcite’s multi-faceted and active Corporate Social Responsibility program. That program includes working with health authorities in the UK to address the widespread use of prescription anti-depressants, aggregating disparate data to uncover illegal workers, providing geospatial capability to the US Counterdrug Task Force, assisting the League Against Cruel Sports to identify animals at high risk of abuse, providing career opportunities for indigenous Australians, and in association with Sanitarium Wellness, promoting healthier community lifestyles.