Are you making the most of your data?

I was working with an insurance company. They wanted to understand their escape of water claims.

One idea for reducing it was using a type of leak detection device.

Good idea…where?

They didn’t know.

The data they held on types of leaks and where they occurred was robust, and in decent shape, but I asked them to interrogate it further.

If we’re going to pilot something, let’s deploy it in the right place.

It took nearly a month before the result came in…

The company found that customers who had one leak had a much higher probability of having a second.

Just like that, they had two things; a good place to focus a pilot, and a better understanding of risk.

By exploring their data, they found a trend.

That’s obvious though – isn’t it?

Well, yes, it is. But I guarantee you there are valuable data trends in every business that are currently undiscovered.

Location data is the perfect lens for this – everything happens somewhere.

But not all of us are trained for such investigation; I hear you say?

We could be.

If the tool is intuitive, cost-effective and available on any computer, then why not? Technology is a driver for making things that were once complicated, more simple.

Once upon a time, the formulas of Excel were the reserve of the accounts team; now, they are ubiquitous.

If you apply that lesson to location, the more people are empowered to check data, the sooner a business can uncover those valuable trends. 

I end this blog with two questions; what data trends are waiting for you to uncover in your business? How long can you afford to ignore them?

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