A Location Data Platform

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MAPCITE has created a technology platform enabling organizations to easily leverage location and “the where factor” within their business. This platform crosses the ability to enrich poorly administered location attributes within their data, through advanced visualization and to predictive and decision modelling analytical capabilities.

Who are we?...What do we do?

MAPCITE is a leading software development company specializing in the field of Location Data Visualization, Location Data Analytics and the delivery of Location Data to mobile devices. Our passion is Location and how it impacts business and our personal lives. Our specialist areas are Fraud, Insurance, Banking, Payments, Search, Re-insurance, Offers, Public Safety (Police), Health and many such similar sectors.

Our Mission is simple...revolutionise how Location is used on every desktop, laptop and mobile device across the globe, make it simple to use and priced within the reach of everyone. MAPCITE is democratising Location.

The MAPCITE platform has changed, for good, how Insurers and Re-insureres price and visualize risk, Bankers view their customers, Police push data to officers in the field, Organizations manage fraud, Consumers get data pushed to the point of need and Countries manage terrorism.

MAPCITE is a DATA VISUALIZATION software company committed to helping organisations gain more insight from their data, by repeatedly solving key problems for customers in the commercial, government and third sectors. MAPCITE's LOCATION INTELLIGENCE products have earned a reputation for innovation, ease of use, speed, and the highest quality user experience.

Our Platform is MAPCITE. The Location Data Platform.

If your need is simply to plot a few location pins in Excel or you are looking for trends in suspected fraud behaviour, you have arrived at the right site. If you need to blend disparate data together and conduct detailed location analytics on the result, then you have found the right solution. If you need to send data to mobile devices and collect data from the same users remotely using a slick, easy to use application that is affordable, then you have definitely arrived at the right platform! MAPCITE The Location Data Platform.

Location Data Visualization. Built for the Enterprise.

MAPCITE Enterprise is a production ready platform used by many of the largest organizations across the world. Available as both secure cloud hosted and on-premises, the platform is a super-scalable environment enabling the visualization of extremely large datasets. Gain insight from your data...make decisions built from true understanding derived out of previously hidden data. Add timelines, create geofence reports and then share the experience with your colleagues with the unique share feature. Advanced stuff made simple.

Location Analytics. Create New Data.

MAPCITE’s Location Based Analytics platform enables the blending of multiple and large datasets together creating NEW data. Build equations from known business rules, or use complex algorithms to test hypotheses and then apply to all known locations of interest, in minutes. Attributes such as Risk, Spend, Turnover, Number of Transactions, Value of Transactions, Population, Ethnic Mix and Wealth etc can all be blended together to reveal spatial trends never seen through traditional analysis.

Pushing Location Data to the Mobile User.

The MAPCITE platform has been built to enable the connection of the spatial engine to any other database via API or direct connection to SQL server. Once connected, your data with location attributes can be immediately pushed to the user, via Android or Apple Native Apps. Collect data in the field using your mobile device and connect it to your MAPCITE platform in real time. Create geofence alerts and enable dynamic geofencing on your user’s mobile device.

Location Based Offers

How we shop has changed significantly over the last 10 years, with online becoming mainstream and home delivery expected. However, changes in the next 10 years are going to be equally dramatic, with the advent on new payment methods and new approaches to the way retailers wish to interact with their customers.

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Geofencing and Geoconquesting

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