Two Factor Authentication - Location Based Authentication

“Location-based authentication is a special procedure to prove an individual's identity and authenticity on appearance, simply by detecting their presence at a distinct location.”
The MAPCITE Location Data Technology Platform has the ability to use, create and monitor, Geofences (and Personal, mobile based, Geofences) and their breaches anywhere in the world. This technology has been built out as a 2 Factor Authentication System, Location Based Authentication, involving some extremely powerful and innovative solutions to join the credit/debit card user to the transaction.
The uses for this technology are wide and far reaching and include:
  • User identification and host bank notification during foreign travel reducing declines 
  • Safe on-line transactions. Connecting the on-line transaction with card linked device at known safe locations with the ability to identify the user in new locations eradicating skimming fraud 
  • Second tier authentication at the Retail Point of Sale 
  • Pre-authentication of the user as they cross into a retailers premises 
  • Integration with Location Based Offers