Mapping and Location Analytics for all

Imagine the ability to map your data and test hypotheses without the need for a complex and traditionally expensive GIS, combined with the flexibility to do this in the office, at home, at a client location, on the move and even via a tablet device such as iPad.

MAPCITE web based products are flexible and easy to use. They are designed for non-technical users to be able to undertake the full range of tasks. When you load your data into the application, you can define which fields can be used as filters and which hold numeric values of interest.

Use cases:
  • Chief Constable visualizing officer movement
  • Epidemiologist mapping disease
  • Global tech company analyzing distribution channels
  • Bank undertaking location based transaction analytics
  • Insurer mapping/analyzing fraud locations
  • Health Analyst understanding the "causes of the causes"

Full features comparison

MAPCITE Online Mapping demo

Pricing table:



  • SaaS
  • Data 1000 - 250,000 lines
  • Share live maps with colleagues
MAPCITE T&Cs apply.

From $200 / year




  • SaaS*
  • Data 1000 - 500,000 lines
  • Map Analytics
* Upgradable to Hosted. MAPCITE T&Cs apply.

From $500 / year




  • SaaS or on-premise
  • Data 1000 - 1000000 lines*
  • Advanced Map Analytics
* Upgradable to unlimited "BIG DATA". MAPCITE T&Cs apply.

POA / year




  • Please contact for further information
  • Advanced Map Analyics
MAPCITE T&Cs apply. Please contact us for further information.



Features Comparison:




Mapping Road, OS, Birdseye Road, OS, Aerial, Birdseye, Traffic
Data Upload Options CSV CSV or SQL Server CSV, Excel, Access, SQL Server, ODBC, BIG DATA and Web Services
Geocoding Built in (limits subject to Bing licence terms and conditions)
Search By place name, postcode, easting/northing and grid reference Gazetteer of 2m+ names across 200+ countries
Admin Functions Add/Delete new marker types (Png/jpg/gif) Add/Delete KML layers (optional) Manage Shared Map Views Add/Delete new marker types (Png/jpg/gif) Add/Delete KML layers Add/Delete new marker types (Png/jpg/gif) Add/Delete KML layers Manage Shared Map Views
Shape file import No No Add/Delete ShapeFiles for Choropleth Visualisation
Clustering Auto clustering of pins for performance
Pin Layer User definable pin markers ‘Nearby’ Function shows pins nearest specified location Filtering Option and Radius overlay Pin labels shown permanently, ‘hover over’ or none
Multiple Pins per Dataset No No Yes - using filter function
Ability to save filters No No Yes
Blob Visualisation No No Yes
Ability to hold pins as tile layer No Yes Yes
Marker view shows marker attributes Yes Yes Yes
Map Analytics(Advanced) No Marker view shows marker attributes and allows edit User definable radius selection for distance measurement ‘Nearby’ function shows other pins within the radius selection Directions function returns Drive Time and Transit Time (subject to availability within Bing) to user defined location Ability to add new marker to individual dataset
Overlays – Heat Map Heat map for one dataset, with adjustable intensity and opacity
Overlays – Time-Lining No No Ability to see Time dimension for pin layer and heatmaps
Overlays – Choropleth Optional Choropleth for one dataset, based on one of UK Wards, UK Counties, UK Districts and Boroughs, US States and World Borders with adjustable opacity
Overlays – Choropleth Clickable Polygons No No Yes – with data summary
Overlays – Geofences No No Yes – with data summary
Overlays – KML Layer Optional KML Layer - single layer only (System includes UK Counties and US States)
Overlays – ShapeFile Not Available ShapeFiles – Imported during configuration if required
Tool Options Movable Pins, Turn On/Off labels on hover, Save a View, Snapshot
Export Functions Not Available Simple extraction through user defined polygon. Single data set export to CSV
Share Function Creates unique URL for selected map view. This allows an interactive map view to be shared with non users. Users require no login rights. Yes Not Available Yes
Animation Animated views based on temporal data (max 100 frames) Not Available Not Available Yes
Browsers IE7, 8, 9, 10 (Start Menu and Desktop) Firefox xx, Chrome and Safari
Data Storage MS SQL Server 2008R2 or SQL Server 2008R2 Express
Microsoft SharePoint Integration Not Available Not Available Yes
Geocoding 3000 / day 3000 / day upgradable Standard or Big Data