Location Based Analytics and Predictive Decision Modelling

Where do I place my new store? Which branch/ATM do I close down? Is this the right location or is that the one?  

You have many disparate datasets that you know contain the answer but how do you blend this data together, as each has a varying and unique location demographic? Location by location and across the country, the task is enormous. MAPCITE Analytics enables all this in minutes.

MAPCITE’s Location Based Analytics technology enables the blending of multiple and large datasets together, creating NEW data. Build equations from known business rules or use complex algorithms to test hypotheses and then apply to all known locations of interest, in minutes.

Attributes such as Risk, Spend, Turnover, Number of Transactions, Value of Transactions, Population, Ethnic Mix and wealth etc, can all be blended together to reveal spatial trends, never seen through traditional analysis.  

MAPCITE technology enables anyone in your organization to be able to build decision models with little or no training.