GeoFencing. Fixed and Mobile (Dynamic)

We can define Geofencing in two ways:  

  • Fixed - A fence around an object, building or thing
  • Mobile - Dynamic, built into a mobile device that moves with the user

The use cases for this technology are wide and far reaching and include:  

  • Creation of alerts when a fence around a building or thing is breached
  • Notification of the entry and exit of a location  
  • Measurement of dwell time within a location
  • Notification, to the user, that their proximity has breached the location of an item of interest  

The outputs from such geofence breaches can be simple text alerts, or more complex batch or real-time reports, containing the relevant content that the users wish to generate.

The MAPCITE Platform delivers both types of geofencing. Mobile dynamic geofencing is available to users of both Android and Apple devices from the respective App stores.


MAPCITE GeoFencing made easy.
GeoFence and GeoConquesting


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