Visualising Data

Fully filterable heatmapping. This instance looks at transaction data across Europe. The entire dataset, which covers several million transactions, is fully filterable across MCC and MCG codes.

Dual screen heatmapping

Location Analytics

Geofencing & Geoconquesting

Location tracking

Data visualization using clickable pins, and anotation over map canvas. Pins are fully customisable, can show labels and are fully filterable.

Live annotation

Filtering of temporal data using timelining, filtering goes from years to sub second.

Proximity analysis and data extraction

Fully filterable choroplething

Dual screen choroplething

Clickable choropleths

Dual screen de-connected heatmapping

Polygon data extraction

Geo-Fencing enabling the creation of push or scheduled reporting. In this instance being used to identify Insurance Contract Breaches for Speeding drivers fitted with Telematic Devices.

Geo-Conquesting or indoor mapping. The ability to overlay specific named geofences over assets such as shops, baggage handling areas. Each geofence is “live” allowing the ability to create push notifications or reports based on dwell inside/outside or breaches of the geofence.