Insurance Fraud Mapping with IBM i2

MAPCITE is a registered business partner with IBM and works particularly closely with IBM i2. MAPCITE enables the easy visualization of IBM i2 products on interactive maps, to enable the user to create advanced, easy to execute, Location Data Visualizations. To achieve this today is both complicated and expensive. However, it needs to be simple and cost effective. MAPCITE for i2 enables exactly this.
MAPCITE for i2 is an easy to use, but highly advanced, Location Data Platform that enables Pins on a Map, Heatmaps, Choropleth, Timelining, Animation, Blending of Disparate Location Data, Advanced Data Analytics and the delivery of Location Data to Mobile Devices anywhere in the world.  
MAPCITE for i2 enables the import and export in ANX format to and from Analyst Notebook and is Visually Integrated into i2 Analyst Web Client.