Farseer Data

The Farseer platform has the ability to be enhanced with key datasets from the Stormcloud system. Stormcloud is a family of products from IMSL that are revolutionizing risk data for insurance, security and intelligence customers.

Stormcloud Score: SC Score is a system that allows the generation of a risk score for any point on earth based on either IMSL or your own user determined polygons/geo boundaries. The scoring can be delivered for Terrorism, Strikes Riots, Civil Commotion (SRCC) and War. On request, CBRN, Cyber, Kidnap and Ransom, Aviation and Drone Incidents are available.

Stormcloud Live: SC Live is a live monitoring service that provides regular updated information on a particular peril. It can be provided in a huge range of formats from Palantir files, CSV, GeoDatabases, or it can be delivered to you through our Spatial Analytics platform, FarSeer.

Stormcloud Complete: SCC can be packaged with the SC Live service and provides a historical back archive of incidents for Analytics.

Stormcloud Target: SC Target has been carefully constructed to support analysis of probably maximum loss studies. It is a global database of potentially attractive targets for attack by criminals. The data is tiered using expert elicitation and quantitative methods. It covers every country in the world and is geolocated to roof top level.

Ikarus: Ikarus has been developed specifically to examine the threat, and real incidents, of drones being used in crime and terrorism.