Excel®™ Addin Office 2007

An easy way to create maps from the comfort of your office document. Quickly create striking map visuals with your data and gain new location insights. Fully interactive maps react to your spreadsheet with no need for geographic expertise. Display mapped data as interactive, customisable points or Heatmaps. Geocoding functions mean that you can get the most out of your location data.

Download in seconds as an AddIn for your existing Microsoft Excel®™ installation (Office®™ 2007 onwards & IE9 and above)


$0.00 / Monthly

  • 100 Lines Data
  • Watermarks
  • Geocoding 100 lines
  • Free gives you free, limited access to the application


$99 / Yearly

  • Unlimited Data
  • No Watermarks
  • Geocoding 3000 lines
  • Pro version has no preset limits to the data display

Company/Organisation wide

POA / Monthly

  • 100 Lines Data
  • Watermarks
  • Excel limitations apply
  • Deploy Mapcite for Excel®™ across your organisation

Bing Maps key download, MapCite Excel Add-in for non-enterprise users

  • Got to https://www.bingmapsportal.com/
  • If you don’t have a Windows LiveID, then you need to follow the steps to ‘Create’ one
  • If you have a Windows LiveID, use that to sign in
  • From the Bing Maps Account Center, click ‘Create or view keys’ in the ‘My Account’ section
    in the left sidebar
  • Fill in the ‘Create Key’ form
    • For application section, write ‘MapCite Excel Add-in’
    • Leave the URL section blank
    • Select ‘Basic’ from the ‘Key Type’ drop down list
    • Select ‘Not For Profit’ from the ‘Application Type’ drop down list
    • Fill in the security characters
    • Click the ‘Submit’ button
  • After a few seconds the page should refresh and your new Bing Maps key will be in the table
    below a new ‘Create Key’ form
  • Click the ‘MapCite Settings’ button on the Excel Add-in ribbon
  • Copy and paste your new license key into the MapCite form and click ‘Set Bing Maps Key’