A Little Snippet of History

Our story started way back in 2005 following the release of on-line mapping by Microsoft and Google. At the time we were building a domain specific search engine used for matching unstructured data...and location gave us a problem. The solution was to use location as a visual element and to incorporate mapping as part of the user interface.

All was well until we demonstrated the system to one of our funding customers, Lloyds Bank, when the Managing Director waggled his finger at the map component and said "Ignore the rest that’s the bit I want”! So started our journey into Location. We established MAPCITE in 2011 and our vision focussed solely on developing "The Location Data Platform".

"Mapping for the masses! I want everyone to be able to visualize their stuff whether they are a Business Analyst, School Teacher, Doctor or Fraud Investigator. It has to be easy, child’s play...my kids need to be able to use it but more that, I need to be able to use it!" quoted our founder and CEO. This was our challenge and this is the platform we have delivered.

Our Vision

Be disruptive! Why does spatial anything have to be complicated and expensive? We have taken the most complicated components of Spatial "stuff" like Analytics and Predictive and built simple to use, cost effective solutions that completely debunk the myths surrounding Spatial...myths that were started in the 1960's!