Drive business growth, reduce claims and improve underwriting performance

Customer acquisition, retention and management, improved underwriting performance and cost management are the main drivers for insurance organizations in today’s changing markets.

MAPCITE has developed a data enriched risk pricing, assessment and accumulations management platform, called Farseer, that provides brokers and underwriters with real-time map visibility into their policy accumulations, perils risk data and claims history, across their entire book of business. Farseer enables users to assess risk at roof-top at the point of sale, book analysis or risk accumulation. Having the ability to assess and price risk at roof-top level, Farseer delivers an immediate and accurate view of the location you are underwriting.

Exposure Management

The exposure management function within Farseer, gives you real-time visual display and analysis of your complete book. The ability to store your entire book of risks and model this and other supporting data, such as terrorist targets, not only gives you amazing pricing capability but also enables real time modelling of “what if” scenarios even as they unfold.

Political disturbance, Loss of Attraction, Denial of Access, Business Interruption, Natural Disasters & Weather all impact on exposure. Loss information is a pretty powerful way to understand risk composition, use this data to inform your future strategy.

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