MAP-PAD mobile field mapping and data collection software is designed for both non-technical and GIS professionals. It includes advanced GIS and GPS capabilities for creating custom reports in the field in real time, editing, and displaying geographic information quickly and efficiently on a mobile device (Phone and Tablet). Critical data can be checked in and out of a multi-user or personal MAPCITE solution and shared across your organization. MAP-PAD has been deployed in some of the most demanding environments including aerial surveillance of high value petrochemical assets.

  • Take an image, in the field on location, and add to upload.
  • The mobile reporting tool will add date, time and GPS Latitude and Longitude coordinates to the image.
  • Custom reports can be added and tagged to the image, these can be comments, as displayed below on the map, or structured reports using free text, tick boxes and dropdown menus.
  • Waiting for reports in the office can be done in real time using the MAPCITE Mobile Reporting toolkit.


Mobile Reporting
Mobile Reporting using MAPCITE in a Helicopter


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